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[artist biography]


This is Dan Aka Zed speaking loud and clear on a frequency that is easy to understand. I was born in 1982 on a sunny summers day in Cornwall Uk, and I was named after Daniel of “The Book Of Daniel.” That was then, and now this is now. I think you just turned up at the exact right moment, I’ve been expecting you! Check it out…and welcome to my website. I’ve let stories run. Meanwhile I’m writing mine. Most accurately I’m inviting mine. GOD has given me life and so I’m living mine. I’m not really the Kind to start writing up a blog on the Internet. Now it’s necessary so here it is. I put it off as long as I could. Because…I’m into extreme sports. I like to pay attention to the weather. I like to focus. I don’t have to show off. I just like to go and do it. I was all over the world before we had Internet or mobile phones. I didn’t travel as a tourist but as a Citizen to meet the people. Especially to meet the Indigenous Elders. Not with a camera flashing in their face though. A lot of the time people arrive and take a photo and then just leave. I know this and so I do things differently. It’s been like that all over. Ok so, one time I let this Sadhu painted from head to toe have his friend take a picture of us next to a statue of Shiva, but that was in the street and he actually asked me. I don’t have pictures of the Mayans or the Aborigines or the Amazonians there. I don’t have any photos of the Berbers. I have a blanket from the Massai. But I didn’t take any photos and I didn’t take any shoes. I think I spent about 10 years without even owning a pair of shoes. That’s another reason why I am a friend of Big Kahuna. So that’s how it goes and there’s nearly nothing to show. Then social media happened and all this uploading a profile to the Internet and communicating with the people online. I had already cut loose from the whole entire way of life in this modern day society. I had quite simply just spent too much time plugged into Nature with my shoes off for me to really care about what kind of identity to adopt online. And yet, now this is the subject of the Time. This is my Artist Biography ZED3000™ style. If you can Identify as anything you like these days, then I stand as a witness at the Augmentation of an Age. This is my response to that notion and the execution of a Most High plan as a solution. I Am Complimentary In Creation.


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