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CE5 ON THE BEACH. There is something about the Quartz in the granite under the ground around here that makes it vibez high. Most of the paranormal and extra-dimensional experiences you are reading about in #StoryTime happened towards the far South West tip of Cornwall Uk. On this particular night we had gathered down at Gwenvor beach near Lands End. God knows what we were celebrating, I don’t exactly recall, but we were in full flow. We had lit a fire at sunset and now we were someway into the middle of the night; that being only an hour and a half or so after sunset looking across the Atlantic. As always when the holy children are involved, there was a lot of laughs and excitement in the air…but at some point during the night, a sober thought did enter my mind and I became inquisitive within my own consciousness. The talk and laughter around the fire seemed to fade as I went within myself and began to focus my energy. Then to my surprise with no effort at all I just slipped out the back door and flew up into the sky at light-speed. I was above the sky. The atmosphere was crisp and cool and I was suspended in a kind of thick nothing that surrounded me. In the distance I could kind of sense that they were stars and galaxies out there, but it was mostly space in-between things…and not much ‘things’. In the direct space around me there was…nothing. I was just there, without a care pondering the vastness of the space scape. I changed gears within again and my confidence switched up a notch. That’s when I had the sudden urge to make myself known. So I built up all the energy I could get and sent out an intergalactic supersonic message from my mind at the top of my voice simply saying “hello I’m here, are you there?” in telepathy signal skills on automatic. Into the space my message set off like a siren and it was only moments later I could hear my mates Jake and Alix and had a vague recollection of where I had come from. All I could see at that moment was at first a fuzzy light coming towards me and then as it got closer it pretty much engulfed my whole vision. Simultaneously back at the fire apparently I wasn’t the only one seeing something as I could hear Jake freaking out. “Oh my God what the fuck is that?” I could hear him flying off the rails and totally losing it; my eyes still closed and as I was still sitting bolt upright the opposite side of the fire. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” He kept repeating. “What the fuck is that? Oh my God!” I had returned to the fire in my awareness, but I could still see the light above my head coming down. “Make it stop! Oh my God”. I opened my eyes and there was Jake and his girlfriend Alix and several others all looking up at the sky directly above, all freaking out. I realized just then that I was actually somehow communicating with the light, but as I opened my eyes it seemed as though we had disconnected and it began to go back up into the sky and fade away…much to the relief of the people around me. I wasn’t even shaken, and people calmed down quite soon, but the electricity in the air remained for the duration of the night.

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