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HASHISH ON A MOUNTAIN. Every so often it’s good to break the usual routine and do something exceptional. I checked the forecast and saw that we were expecting at least 4 days ahead of very calm high-pressure weather. I gathered just the bare essentials and headed up the track. The first part of the track is wide enough for a truck, and I had asked a friend if he would drive me the most part of the way but his family duties had taken priority so I decided to pack light and walk. It’s way up there like 5 hours or so where I was headed, and I quickly decided that even though I hadn’t planned on walking the situation was perfect. Vibez kicked in hard as the snowline became visible, revealing a whole mountainous city of peaks glistening in the silver light. There was something extraordinary about being at that kind of altitude under a moonlit sky in the dead of night. My mind was busy mapping out the mountain range before me as it shimmered to my vision with an unbelievable kind of way beyond realer than real super realness. The scene was a picture of perfection spread out before my eager eyes. The air was sharp to my skin, so I wrapped up a scarf around my face and took all precautions to patch up any chance of there being a breeze through any cloth of my garments. I tucked in neat, loaded up and smoked another pipe. The contrast of the fire and the ice struck me as the path crossed over a river several times before eventually reaching a plateau where I settled down and got comfortable for an unknown duration. I felt I had found a suitable place to get away from it all and go into an undisturbed meditation. I had made the intention to stay there for about 4 of 5 days, to break a few habits and rest, reset some levels and make a few proper prayers. I cheerful smoked the last of the weed with a deadly serious attitude face and set my mind on the heights. I was unaware that the ground around me was all churned up because of wild boar. Apparently they churn up the ground like this looking for a kind of fungi called truffles. This place looked like it probably didn’t have any truffles left as the whole place had been turned upside down. I realized anyway that I was in someone else’s territory when I heard the wolves. Not to worry, I felt safe. I’m not just a random tourist walking. I reckon I could stay up there long enough and become still enough that I would be unnoticed and further still become so calm that I would pose absolutely no threat at all to any kind of wildlife; and so my mind was settled and peaceful. Alert relaxed and tuned in. I waited in as if in stasis and witnessed the first light through the forest weaving a mist through the trees across the plateau. Spanning around 50 yards across, the mysterious fog moved so slowly that it was hardly noticeable, but as I sat fixated on the scene it seemed to me to move somehow as a dragon would move, in slow-motion. There was a certain feeling of the air there being animate somewhat as an animal would be. The light became lighter. I noticed there was a slim-line stream of racing water only a stone’s throw away and the water there also seemed to be moving with a kind of animalist manner. It was an aqua-duct that had been put in place to bring water directly to a settlement in the valley; I stared at it for hours early that morning, mesmerized by the swift and stealthy movement of the rushing water through the pine forest. I had arrived in the most perfect place to gain some clarity and closeness to Nature and some real fresh air. I felt I didn’t need to bring any more smoke than what I needed for the journey up and I had felt satisfied that the altitude I was at would give me enough of a boost to send me into a high enough state of mind to make the best of the few days we had of guaranteed good weather. I eventually started to feel a little tiredness creeping in and I decided to take action and set up a camp so I could get some rest. I woke up around mid-morning the next day. Then as I stepped out of my tent only about 15 paces across the woods in a straight line towards the edge, I found about an ounce of hashish tightly weather-proof wrapped right there as I gazed out across the scenery in amazement.


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