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JOURNEY THROUGH THE BOOK. I don’t exactly remember how we got in, I just remember waking up and that’s where we were. We seemed to be in some kind of labyrinth, with text covering all the walls as far as we could see in every direction. Everything around us was telling us about the nature of existence, but it seemed to have just as much of the information hidden as it did exposed. Some of us seemed to know more than others about which way we were supposed to be going and some of us seemed to be trying to convince others of us that we were going the wrong way. I tried my best to decipher the codes by READING IN BETWEEN THE LINES. If there really was a way out then it didn’t look like everyone was going to find it at once. That would be nice but there was only a few of us going this way. Some of the passages were dark and others were so lit up it was just as hard to see looking straight ahead. The pages we were moving through were like an underground maze and we were in pursuit of the next sign post to either start tunneling through another chapter or to try and look through the side to the end in an attempt to try and figure out some of that in advance, while we were still making choices back through the previous book passages. Some of the chambers we passed through were formed almost entirely of a language made of fire that came from the KRYST that talked to our DNA so that we intuitively understood that we were near the end of the book. As we climbed around so many tunnels that had multiple exits and languages of all kinds including everything from handwriting to hieroglyphs to binary, we noticed how it was partly our own presence that lit up the walls and revealed the meanings of the mysterious script on the walls like pages. Each chapter had started to make more sense as some of us worked together through the various languages and instructions until we had found the best route forward after landing on the truest translation of the message. The book opened itself up and let us through. As the walls moved in a way that seem to be conscious and interactive, I thought to myself again about how we had even got here in the first place. As we approached the end of the last book and started to see the Abyss and the Rapture at the end of time beckoning with that ultimate kind of no return vibe, there was suddenly a chill in the air and a sudden ice cold presence was felt throughout the pages. Many of the others had got either lost or were just so slow to understand the instructions of the book and were so far out of sight. Although we were only a small group by then, you could feel it in the air that everyone had all felt it at the same moment. There was something alien and dark that seemed void of any rational sense was present like a mist in what had so far been a crisp clean atmosphere. There was a feeling of panic in the last moments as the void collected it’s own and the sound vibration that it had been written through went up an octave, pushing us up and out through the cover. All I can remember about getting out is that you have to work together until the last moment and then its just you and the Spirit alone. If I could go back into the book and tell them sooner it was like a step by step guide to train the mind, then #ZED3000.

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