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MEETING LAHIRI MAHASAYA. I knocked at the door where the assembly was being held, and was asked, “who is it?”. “It’s Dan”, I replied; and the door was immediately opened. A cool atmosphere lent itself to my senses, and the same figure that opened the door and greeted me disappeared like a mist. As I walked in, I saw there in the near corner of the room, an intense training was taking place, as Lahiri was in an upside down vertical position hanging from a bar, doing sit ups. I looked to the far end of the room, and there he also was, simultaneously sitting on a sofa, counting the progress of the training. 736, 737, 738…I could hear him counting, but his lips were not moving. I glided down through the room towards the yogi who was very relaxed and watching a film of children with advanced capabilities. I sat on the arm of the couch next to him and observed the film with him. There were children who could communicate without talking, and children who could not stop producing incredible artwork until the entire floor of their rooms were covered in magnificent drawings. There were also short sections of the yogi himself; one in particular was a film of a Lahiri, swimming through his own house, after he had half filled it with spring water, apparently just for fun. I remember this one clearly, because I recognized his face from the photo in Autobiography Of A Yogi, and turned to him, not realizing at the time who’s presence I was being graced with, and asked…’have you ever heard of the great yogi, Lahiri Mahasaya, who’s wife would often be awoken in the night to find him levitating in a full lotus position in the middle of the room?” As it is with many of the greats, he totally denied his identity, and with a classic Lahiri Mahasaya style, just slightly raised both his eyebrows and continued watching the film.

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