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PURPLE MOON [2 WEEKS BEFORE]. The winter can be tough in the Uk, especially on the coast. The wind doesn’t seem to change much from the relentless South Westerly’s and sometimes it seems like it will never stop raining. Not everyone notices when they visit Cornwall, that most of the hedgerows point towards the North East. I mean the hedges literally grow in that direction because of the prevailing winds. The lush landscape really comes alive through the Spring and when we hit Summer it’s the other end of the extreme and the days just go on and on. One of these long days early in the Summer around 2003 I was out with a friend just cruising around and checking out some of the ancient sites and such like. I think we had been buzzing around for sometime when suddenly we took a blind left turn through a small gap in the hedge and we somehow came out into a grass plane we’d never seen before. It was reckless driving but intuition proved to be a winner as we found ourselves in this gorgeous little meadow covered in daisies and buttercups. My friend switched off the engine and immediately jumped out of the car, the energy was high and he seemed kinda excited. Rummaging around in the back for a moment he pulled out a strange looking bong and exclaimed that we must get up on to the roof of his car to smoke it. Hey, I ain’t arguing with that, I thought to myself as the sun beat down on us with its full force. It was around 3pm and the sky didn’t have a single cloud in it, just pure sunshine. So, we sat up there on the roof of the car in this magical meadow, taking hits and chatting about the scenery and the events of the last couple of weeks working. Never a dull moment, we exchanged stories and laughed a great deal at how sublime the day was. It was like nothing else existed, and we’d somehow slipped into a dream-like bubble that was full of energy, and the air was super-charged. The next thing that happened remains to be a mystery, because we somehow forgot that it happened as soon as it did. I must have leaned back a little and looked directly up, to see a strip of cloud that had appeared. I had seen something similar to this before, but not in so much detail. The whole way across the sky there was a strip of cloud, it wasn’t a chem-trail and it wasn’t a cirrus cloud form. It stretched from one end of the sky to the other, and within it was the most detailed patterns I felt I had ever seen. It was like someone had spent all day drawing it onto the atmosphere with a very fine pencil. I followed the strip from the horizon, across the sky, and to my surprise when I looked again at the far end…a huge alien face had appeared, made of the same kind of intricate patterned cloud. I gulped and had to check myself. Andy was busy humming a tune and zoning out, obviously unaware of what was overhead. It was like a classic grey alien face: big eyes, narrow nose, large forehead, and a small mouth. The head was at one end of the sky, and it seamlessly blended into the strip of intricately patterned cloud. I thought to myself that it must be very strong weed, and I hadn’t had much sleep; but right at that moment Andy had seen me looking up and checked it out for himself, saying out loud: “Hey look, a massive alien face in the clouds!” I honestly don’t know how we were then distracted from what was obviously a presence of some kind, but as he looked in his car for a camera, I watched the alien get a big grin, showing rows of teeth up one side of its face. It was a wicked sort of smile, and I felt like I had seen it somewhere before. The strangest part of the whole experience was that the next moment we had totally forgotten what we had seen. We didn’t take a picture, and got back in the car and drove off.

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