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PURPLE MOON. Everything about the evening was perfect. The summer was delivering everything it had to us and we were fully loaded. It was a full moon and the vibe was high as we headed out to a remote beach to get away from it all. There was an excitement in the air, though I remember being quite cool in it all as we headed down to the little cove with caves and rocky cliffs either side. There was just that perfect little patch of sand like a dream, and we set up and made a fire. Some of us went off exploring and a few of us just kicked back. Straight away it was jokes and laughter. For some reason though, I was feeling quite serious and just observing the conditions…because, having been familiar with the area for such a long time, I felt I was noticing something that the others weren’t. It just seemed like something was different. I could feel it in the air. “No effect!” We heard Angel in his distinct accent shouting from somewhere around the rocks, so we got up and went round to see what’s up. He was way up on a ledge, balancing on the edge like it’s a wave and he’s surfing it into the night. “No effect!” he shouts again like it’s the first time he’s telling us. “No effect!” Apparently, he thought the liberty caps had no effect on him, and so he had climbed up to the top to tell us all. We were all in hysterics as we realised, hoping he actually had himself together enough to keep his balance, our laughter echoing off the cliffs and cave walls either side of the cove. It had got dark in the last hour or so and we could just begin to see the glow of the moon coming up over the cliff. The water was quite still as it often is in the summer on the South Coast, and there wasn’t much sound except the crackle pop of the fire and our voices. Much of the ground in Cornwall is packed with Quartz and Granite, so it holds a vibe, and being in a small cove somehow amplifies the energy. When the energy reaches certain levels, doors open. Certainly, the doors opened on that particular night, although not everyone present was aware that something out of the ordinary had occurred. Even in the moment, several people made comments, although they soon forgot what they were talking about in amongst all the fun. There was a moment where everything seemed to fade into the background, as there was a huge thundering explosion that seemed to come from way out at sea. It shook the ground. Andy looked straight round at me, and said “Did you hear that thunderous boom!?”, then just turned around again and carried on with his previous conversation. Yes, I did. I shuddered and thought to myself that the next thing we would see would be a wave coming in that would follow it up. I skipped up the rock face to a higher point and looked out to the horizon. What I saw next really was like nothing I had ever seen before. Not a wave of water, but a wave of electric energy came rushing towards us over the surface of the vast stretched out ocean. At first, it looked like a light that went across the horizon, then it came in at such a speed that you would have had to have been already looking at it to be able to catch it with the eye. As it came rushing in I could see it stretched to about 10-15 feet above the water, made of uncountable waves of energy all kind of just waving and moving within it. It went straight through us and seemed to go partly through the cliff face; at the same time as some of it was deflected back out in all different directions. I could see in the cave on the other side of the beach, waves of electric blue and white energy were bouncing off the inside of the cliff face multiple times and creating some really mad looking patterns. Instantly all the hairs on my arms stood up vertically and it felt like I had got lighter and expanded. I thought it must be either an experiment or something gone wrong on a rig, or something that wasn’t from here that had crashed. I found out months later that it had been reported at that exact time of year in that location that something had actually crashed into the sea, it was unknown what it was. It felt like it was intentional. I can’t really explain how it made me feel other than that because it was unlike anything I have ever felt before or even since. The strangest thing about the whole night is that right after the wave of electricity hit the beach, the moon went purple. It stayed purple for all to see, remark, joke and laugh about for the entirety of the night.

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