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RA TO A FLAME. The place to be in the summer…is on the coast. It gets more rugged the further down the line you go, and if you keep going, eventually you can’t go any further. That’s where you would find us living on the beach. Life is simple, there’s not much you need except water and shade most days. Early one evening, we were sitting in a tent with a candle burning in the center. There was just enough room to sit comfortably, where we were chilling out and talking after a long day. We’d been living on the beach there for a while and working in the pub at the next cove. After a month or so like this, we were well tuned in with the natural cycles. My friend would look at the position of the sun to see when he should be at work and was never late. Anyway, for some reason, we got talking on the subject of the power of words. “RA!” said my friend and the flame flashed and jumped to about three times the size. Oh, what a surprise.

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