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SHOW-DOWN WITH A SHOW-OFF. It was a fresh feeling in the evening, and the vibe serene. We were hanging out at the entrance of a tall building, admiring the scenery from ground level. It’s that time just before the light fades and the sun is glowing orange on the walls. I would love to just chill out where we are. It’s pretty much perfect. The present company was feeling uneasy with it though and suggests we go and look out from the top level, so we go up and check it out. I guess I’m used to this kind of behaviour, it’s like, everything is a test and you can never be completely real, it’s always pretence. I would love to just relax and chill but I have to always be on guard and ready when with certain kinds like this, you know how it is. We climb the stairs all the way to the top, then stepping through a doorway, we enter a classroom that appears to be full of genius level students. A very confident African youth caught my eye and somehow I knew his name was Heru. It was very quiet, although most of the students were way too focused to notice us move through the room towards the balcony. There were students all over the room…most of whom were standing next to long tables interfacing on hi-tech screens doing equations, and some were reading or writing in books, and some were assembling models of some kind. As we stepped out onto the balcony and into the air again, man starts acting kinda lairy and saying how cool we would look to everyone if we jumped off. I’m like, “Do what you want if you wanna act the fool. I’m taking the stairs. How do you want to look cool in front of people who aren’t even looking anyway? They don’t even care in there about how things look.” So he just jumps off, and then starts calling me down, like…”Come on, it’s easy!” I turn round, raise an eyebrow, signal laterz to Heru, and walk toward the stairs. I like the stairs. When I get back outside the vibe is different and there are some familiar faces there; we go around the back of the building through a gate to the gardens. As we are gathered, a light appears to be coming down through the clouds, and we all look up to see a crown coming down from the sky! “Look who’s here!” a voice says as the crown lands neatly on my head, an exact fit. Just at that moment the gate burst open and flying headfirst towards me are those green eyes again, that is that dragon.

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