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This report is being brought to you by #HOTPRESS #FYAHNEWS on behalf of the lineage holding the Toltec tradition. The Toltecs lived in Ancient Mexico over 5000 years ago, which incidentally is about the same timespan as the short count on the Mayan calendar. The Toltec are the Ancestors of the Maya and the Aztecs, whose calendar you are probably aware of…unless you have been in another Galaxy for the last several thousand years, if that’s you then WELCOME TO #HOTPRESS #FYAHNEWS! [What’s Happening In The Galaxy].

THE ANCIENT CALENDARS. The Mayan calendar shows several different levels of calculations representing cycles in our Solar System. A cycle of 26,500 years on one level is split into 5 different counts of around 5,120-years. The Mayan calendar was constructed using the calculations and knowledge from Ancient Mexico that was passed down to them originally from the Toltecs. The calendar we commonly know today is the Maya’s version, having been constructed more recently than the original Toltec count. There is a slight difference in that the long count of 26,500-year cycles that were split into 4 counts by the Toltec have been split into 5 by the Maya. That means that every 5 Sun cycles on the Mayan calendar match up exactly with 4 on the Toltec count. This is that time now. Both of the calendars agree that we are entering into the next Sun.

THE NAGUAL AND THE TONAL. The teachings from Ancient Mexico explain that the Tonal is manifest from the Nagual. The Nagual is the dream state and the Tonal is the waking state. Tonal is the Day and Nagual is the Night. In Tonal, there is life and death, birth and rebirth. Nagual is the force behind and beyond all the concepts of the mind in Tonal. The Nagual is the Subconscious and the Tonal is the Conscious. Carlos Castaneda writes in the account of his meeting with Don Juan that the master told him: “The Tonal begins at birth and ends at death, but the Nagual never ends. The Nagual has no limit. The Nagual is where Power hovers…For the Nagual, there is no land, or air, or water. Therefore, the Nagual glides, or flies, or does anything it can do in the time of the Nagual, which is not related at all to the time of the Tonal. These two things do not intersect….the Tonal and the Nagual are two different worlds. In one you talk, in the other you act.” Nagualism is the ancient training for the ruling class and the warriors in the tradition of the Toltec and its main focus is on navigating the Self in the dream state. It is to become the master of the dream. In the tradition of the Nagual the dream is the real life and the waking state is considered to be the dream. Like a dream of a dream.

THE TRANSITION. We are now in the transition from the 5th Sun to the 6th Sun. Every 26,500 years represents a single Age of the Sun. Each alternative Sun of each Age represents either what is known in the tradition as a Sun of Light or a Sun of Darkness. It’s not that it’s good or bad, it’s just that one represents Day, and one represents Night. You could call it the Night or the Moon if you like. There are many differences in the language that makes it maybe seem like something that it isn’t if you don’t read into it properly. Like the Toltec’s word for ‘death’ is the same word for ‘sleep’ and also the same word for ‘change’. The 5th Sun was a Sun of Light. When we are in a cycle of a Sun of Light, it is like Day. It’s all about waking life; it’s about rationality, reason and waking clarity. It’s actually quite difficult at first to understand these things in the particular time we are living in even though that’s what we have been doing for so long. It almost doesn’t make sense unless you look at it from a few different angles, like actually from the perspective of the another Age.

TOLTEC WISDOM. Sergio Magana, a modern-day apprentice of the Toltec tradition, explains that the Mayan calendar makes it look like the transition could be very abrupt, but the original Toltec view on the transition is more like that of Nature, where the Day turns slowly into Night and the cycle continues in a gradual movement. The ancient tradition explains that when it is the Day then the tendency is to look outside of yourself for what you think you need. The Conscious mind rules over the reality with rationality and reason. We look to God in religion outside of ourselves, we look for satisfaction from material things and we rely on things from outside ourselves to make us feel something inside. Through each alternative long count of 26,500-years, the Age is under the influence of the particular Sun that rules it, through the entirety of the Age. At this point we are moving into the 6th Sun, that is a Sun of Darkness, that darkness being Night. In the Day, when you are awake, you are looking outside. In the Night, we close our eyes and look inside.

THE BLACK TEZCATLIPOCA. The Moon rules the Night, and in the tradition, it is the Black Tezcatlipoca that represents the Moon. He rules the Smokey Mirror and he rules the dream state. During the Day it is Quetzalcoatl who rules the Age. We hear a lot more about Quetzalcoatl than we do about the Black Tezcatlipoca because apparently the Spanish were not entertained at all by his character, which they deemed to be too much like God in the bible. Sergio explains that this is because the Black Tezcatlipoca rules both dualities through the Age. He was the essence of the Ancient Mexican tradition, and according to the tradition, the Black Tezcatlipoca can give and he can also take away, he can make you rich or make you poor, or any other extremes of the dualities. It has been Quetzalcoatl that has been running the show through the previous Sun cycle that we are just coming out of so that maybe also why we’ve heard more about him than the Black Tezcatlipoca, whose energy will influence and rule the coming Age of the 6th Sun. The ancient tradition of Nagualism equips the warrior for the means to navigate through the alternative Suns.

WARRIOR TRAINING. Sergio says that the most effective training for entering a Sun of Darkness involves using an actual mirror and conquering the Self through several different stages of [1] removing the idea of who you think you are, [2] removing the idea of what you think is your history, [3] removing the mind that chatters with itself and all its heavy ideas, and then [4] by taking out the Enemy, the part of the Self that sabotages Self. According to the tradition, the transition from one Age to another requires a destruction before the next Age is fully entered into. If you are starting to get the picture of what this ancient tradition is trying to tell us then you’ll be thinking about how you might be able to prepare your Self for an Age ruled by the Night, where the Subconscious and the dream state is the predominant power. It is the dream that creates the reality. As we enter into the next Age then you will be faced with your Self in the mirror, and your reality will personally shape to reflect it. Just like in a dream…

RECENT HISTORY OF NAGUALISM. At the time of the Spanish conquest, the tradition of Nagualism was not openly passed to the next generation because of the view that the Catholic Church held about the Black Tezcatlipoca. After the Spanish propaganda that was spread around at that time, the indigenous wisdom was at a very low point having been kept by only a small number of the Natives. Sergio Magana began into the tradition at age nineteen and reveals that the original Toltec tradition has not been commonly known about, initially because it was discreetly hidden by the Natives around the time of the Spanish invasion and apparently since then no one has been very much interested in it. The Elders gave the order to pass the tradition and some even became priests of the Catholic Church and then taught Nagualism within the church in a kind of underground movement interwoven into the religious dogma. They said to keep on passing the information and the knowledge of the tradition because the 6th Sun will eventually come back. So now the interest has come back and the time is approaching where the mark on the calendar is about to be met. Some say it’s already gone and done, but the message from the Ancients is that it is a gradual transition.

WHERE IS THE MARK? Another thing to take into consideration is that our modern Gregorian calendar is different to some other calendars, such as the Ethiopian calendar, where the largely talked about December 21st 2012 mark would be more like around the end of what we are calling 2020. Sergio Magana says that this transition into the next Age is around the time of 2012 – 2021. And the implications are colossal. He is talking about a transition into an Age where the energy that rules the reality is the prime source of all energy. The Nagual is the subconscious realm and the Tonal is the waking mind. So in the Age to come the reality that we will live in is the realm of the Subconscious. This is going to be quite tricky to realize at first and it may seem a bit crazy as things change.

CHOOSE YOUR MODE. Ancients even say that it can be like eating plants, but without actually eating plants. I think you know what they mean if you’ve ever eaten plants seen. Ever been in a dream? He says that the worst option in the Nagual tradition is to come back as a human and do this again. He says there are three other exits or ways to transition. First exit is that you can become part of the Sun in the transition, but it’s game over for your SOUL. Yeah, we heard about that one Sergio. He says the next exit is to the Stars to be like an Angel or a light being, but technically you lose your free will and are bound by service to others. And the third exit is not really an exit it is a full transition that keeps your energetic body alive through the next Age as an eternal living being with the free will to help anyone as you please.

FORTUNE OR TRAGEDY. So it’s probably worth mentioning some of these things to your Self in the mirror as we are approaching these times because surely the Ancestors have given the indigenous peoples the means to keep this message going all the way into our present day because it has implications for us now. They say the 6th Sun will eventually come again and the Black Tezcatlipoca will rule in the realm of the Subconscious for thousands of years. It has never been exactly clear what happens when we move through what happens here, on a personal level or for the collective. There is a lot of valid information in the Toltec wisdom and it is certainly worth taking note of something that has been passed down through such a very long lineage. It’s a different spectrum of light that creates the reality in the coming Age of the Sun we are now transitioning into. The Black Tezcatlipoca brings fortune or tragedy with the same smile.

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