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THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL PLECTRUM. The atmospheric pressure was high and the sky was open to the heavens. Somehow the air was thick with that kind of feeling where you have to make twice as much effort as usual just to move forward. I was on a steep incline and the top was out of sight. Somehow I knew I would get there but the ground was so dry and brittle that clumps of earth were coming off in my hands as I struggled to find the next grip to pull myself up. I grabbed again at another rocky handhold but the whole thing came off in my hand, immediately after I confirmed it was solid and as I was halfway through a move. There didn’t seem to be anyone around who would see me, and there were no ropes and no one around to catch me if I fell. I kept going up, little by little, and sometimes I would lose my grip and slide down a short way before I was able to grab and cling to something solid enough to take my weight. My eyes were still looking for the top as I knew I would somehow see it if I just kept going. I grabbed again at another handhold and heaved myself up another couple of feet before it came out in my hands. Everything went slow motion as my hand smacked down on the next grip while I was using the momentum of the last one, and somehow like this I was able to cover some distance as long as I didn’t stop. At last, I could view the destination at the peak of the climb and with some extra effort and energy, I scrambled my way up onto it. That’s where I found the extra-dimensional plectrum.

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