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THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL MATHEMATICIANS. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we were playing in a field upon a plateau by a pine forest that rolled up into the surroundings. Out of nowhere in the sky, an incredible black sleek looking ship appeared moving so swiftly and almost indescribable. It seemed to perform a series of moves a bit like a Rubix cube, and as it morphed and changed shape, hovering overhead, most of my friends ran away…but I stayed and so did one other. The ship came down and landed next to us and we saw on the side it had some information like a scoreboard for a game of cricket. We were encouraged by a subtle energy to go round to the side of the ship, where there were a chair and some railings. I sat down in the chair and at that moment I was offered a cigarette from the packet, specifically, it was a Marlborough. This seemed to be a reassuring and friendly gesture from a being that had obviously been watching humans and wanted to make sure I knew I was safe by imitating our friendly behaviour. I was so nervous. I don’t even smoke but I thought I should ask for a lighter and snapped the cigarette in my shaking hand by mistake. Next thing I know I was inside the vehicle with my friend, with what was obviously some seriously advanced intelligent beings, one of which was the captain or the leader and several others sitting at computers around the room which was about as big as a living room in an English terraced house…but the feeling was that it was vast, and that it could change to any size at any time. My friend and I looked around and it was nice…we were just amazed at everything, dashboards and screens and…the alien who was the leader was so incredible looking it’s hard to describe. Blue…aquatic looking, wise eyes like galaxies. We looked down into another room and then we were shown some strange foods. Briefly, we said hello to another one of the crew, then we talked with the leader and explained that we are really young, but even our elders do not have anything like this technology. I guess they noticed we were a little nervous and the main alien said a few things I don’t specifically remember in an attempt to keep us cool…then started writing down some intensely complicated mathematical equations on a piece of paper…which to my surprise my friend and I could actually comprehend. It was an equation of the elements, but the last part was frustrating to them because they could not control it. The equation was laid out and then there were two more joining symbols and then equals. It seemed that they had been working on this for a very long time and had it all figured out but the last part they couldn’t do. We were given the paper…and then we were presented with gifts, cloaks like Kashmir blankets. As we put them on, the alien put one on too, bowed and then gestured that it was time to depart.

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