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SO…we are going to dive straight in at the deep end here at ZED3000™ #HotPress #FyahNews with this report on the ‘Mandela Effect’. At the time of researching this subject, I was only partially aware of the phenomenon, named after Nelson Mandela because of the extremely odd details that have somehow been mixed up over his departure. Many people remember seeing his funeral on T.V. in 1983 when he had reportedly died in prison around the age of 65. So how is it then that he came out of prison, became president of South Africa, and then died in 2013 at the age of 95? I had heard about this ‘Mandela Effect’ where people have different memories of events, but I never really looked into it or acknowledged it.



FIRST GLANCE. The first thing I went on to find when I began my research was a list of logos from different companies that had apparently changed their design but have publicly announced that the logo has always been that way. That’s weird I thought and continued. Next, I’m listening to this guy talking about he studied human anatomy at college and when he now checks the latest science models of the same anatomy, it’s different, but again the science with the model claims that it was always like this. Three examples are [1] The cartilage behind the nose is now an actual bone called the Ethmoid. [2] There is bone behind the eye sockets. [3] There is a major change to the collar-bone. To be honest with you I really don’t recognize the newly presented skeletal either, it’s totally bizarre. Next thing I noticed was that apparently, the Statue Of Liberty is no longer on Ellis Island next to New York, it’s over on its own island near New Jersey…and since 1916 when apparently it was sabotaged by Germans in an event called ‘Black Tom’ no one is allowed to go inside and up to the crown or the torch. So how come so many people have never heard of that event in 1916? And how come the number of people using search engines online to get information about the statue on Ellis Island is huge over the years, yet no one has been searching for information about Liberty Island, where according to the official story is where the statue is and always has been situated. That’s because it didn’t exist before. You can search out the video on YouTube of the girl who is just discovering this for the first time, said she went there when she was younger but they were late and it had closed for the evening. I never actually went there but I’ve always thought it would be nice to go up there and look, it was quite a popular thing talked about in school.

THE RABBIT HOLE. So after a while of researching this, I realized I’m not researching something about people with poor memory, it’s something way bigger, and way, way weirder. This is about quantum possibilities and realities. Quite literally, the reality has changed and it is a different timeline to the one that we were on. So, how on Earth is this possible? It’s actually been really freaking some people out. One woman claims to have had a dream about seeing alternative realities through her window and then in waking life actually found there was a house in her garden that was not previously there. I then found some very cool videos with a woman named Synthia Sue Larson, who is aware of our natural abilities and wrote a book called ‘Reality Changes – When Consciousness Changes The Physical Reality’ in the 90’s. In the book, she mentions a funeral of actor Larry Hackman that she then actually went on to meet some years later. She claims that it was a definite event that had happened at the time of writing the book. If you start looking into the subject you will find numerous examples of actors that many people claim have passed away, that is still with us now. It’s beyond weird when you find out someone you were sad about passing is still with us. It’s totally baffling. Or is it?

QUANTUM POSSIBILITIES. That’s when I started noticing people talking about CERN in the threads of the ‘Mandela Effect’ videos on YouTube. CERN is that experiment where they smash particles together at massively high speeds. The particle accelerator, looking for what was originally named the ‘Higgs Bosun’ and nicknamed the ‘God Particle’. I always thought that was a dodgy thing to try and do for whatever reason, but when I checked the information that CERN have actually advertised about the experiments, the word ‘dodgy’ took on a whole new level of meaning. They actually have a statue outside the building of Shiva in the mode like Lord of Destruction. Furthermore, they performed and released to the public, the ‘Dance Of Destruction’, actually within the facility, and there are scenes also performed in the advert that are blatantly bad magic ceremonies depicting darkness entering into places of light that were previously sealed, and the merging of parallel realities. It’s so blatant, and this was all performed BEFORE the experiments took place, making you know for sure they know exactly what they are playing with. It always has to be displayed on public view, and little things are released to us via mass media that fits with it. Simple things, like a Lego set called ‘Dimensions’ where you can build a mini particle accelerator toy, and the advert for it shows certain beings jumping through the portal, much like in the sci-fi series Stargate. Think that’s weird? It gets weirder.

REAL LIFE SCI-FI. I then found a video that has material leaked from a whistleblower claiming to be one of 23 cloned scientists who are working on a quantum computer. This scientist claims that the computer server is responsible for the ‘Mandela Effect’ and that by changing things in the server it actually changes our reality, and that he is willing to answer any questions. He says that there has been over 12,783 changes been made to our reality and most of which are such small details that most people will not even notice. Thing is though, when you start looking, it’s well obvious. And it’s like…not working properly. What makes it even more suspicious is the propaganda that is floating around talking about the masses having false memories. It’s such a strange angle to present that it makes you wonder even more what is going on behind the scenes. Apparently though, it’s not going on behind the scenes at all and it’s all presented out in the open as if we won’t even notice. It doesn’t take much looking to find some very excitable scientists talking about two quantum computers called D:Wave, one in the University of Southern California and another one in British Columbia, Canada. The computers are revered as if they are like God. Apparently, these AI machines are computing quantum possibilities, and leaking some of them into our reality. In these experiments, all of the quantum possibilities that have been merged into our reality that has put us into an alternate timeline have been done so purposefully by these alien technologies by tapping into the energy within the light photon by artificial means, and merging this reality with the dark matter it is pulling from other realms. It is intended to confuse and disorientate the mind until we don’t collectively remember the original timeline.

THE RESISTANCE. It isn’t working though, because of the individual. If all this is possible by an artificial machine that is trying to be God, then it is absolutely possible for God in man to make a quantum leap by natural means into the reality that is congruent with the original Earth timeline. This is possible as an individual and also as a collective. Whatever is possible for the individual is possible for the collective. Such is the individual that the Negative Alien Agenda cannot comprehend or calculate. The individual is connected to the collective and sets a standard for the collective mind. If there is just one individual mind that remembers the original Earth timeline, then the memory is accessible to the collective, and manifest in reality. This is what is occurring now. Many of the shifts have only been partial and have left remnants of the original timeline in the overlaid possibility. The ‘God Particle’ can be utilized by artificial means; it nearly goes without saying then, that it is possible by natural means, and furthermore that it is actually the birthright of the SOUL. Every SOUL is created by God with the free will to access and manifest anywhere in the quantum field. If there is no SOUL, then there is no birthright; and this is exactly what the NAA intends for mankind, to tease you out of your SOUL and to dictate to you the quantum possibility reality for your existence. So Jah say: trying to place these limitations on consciousness that has God within it is like trying to push the Sun back down over the horizon at sunrise.

KRYSTAL CLEAR. I would like to openly thank the Holy Spirit for urging me to research into the ‘Mandela Effect’ and for guiding me step by step through it to make some kind of sense out of what could actually be quite disorientating for some people. I recommend that you make sure your feet are firmly on the ground before you do your own research and check the following examples of how reality has shifted because some of it is so far out you might even think you are going nuts. I can assure you that you are not crazy and that the following examples of minor changes to our reality are totally strange to many people who clearly remember the original Earth timeline, it’s not just you! Check it out:



STRANGE CHANGES. “Mirror Mirror on the wall” has changed to “Magic Mirror on the wall” – The Monopoly Man doesn’t have a monocle anymore – VW logo now has a line between the V and the W and the company name has changed to Volkswagen instead of Volkswagon – In Star Wars C3P0 has a silver leg – Darth Vader’s famous line “Luke, I am your father” has changed to “No, I am your father” and you can still find interviews with James Earl Jones talking about when he originally read the script – “Life IS like a box of chocolates” is now “Life WAS like a box of chocolates” and even Tom Hanks himself remembers that – Loony Toons is now Loony Tunes – Canon logo has a kind of fang on the C – Picachoo has lost the black tip on his tail – Interview With A Vampire is now IntervieK-With The Vampire – Volvo logo now has an arrow like a masculine symbol – Ford logo now has a twist in the dash across the F – Apparently you can’t go up in the Statue of Liberty which isn’t on Ellis island and it isn’t right next to New York like it used to be it’s over by New Jersey – Kit-Kat doesn’t have a dash between the 2 words anymore – Humphrey Bogart’s character in Casablanca doesn’t say “play it again Sam”.



THE ORIGINAL TIMELINE. Seriously, I don’t want to freak you out (if I haven’t already) so I’m going to keep the list at that. If you look into it yourself I am sure you will also find plenty of alterations and memories from the original Earth timeline that we are scheduled to jump forward to again in the very near future. Stay tuned to ZED3000™ #HotPress #FyahNews for all the most relevant news regarding consciousness and the cosmos in this particular space and time. [Insert audio from the original Terminator movie – “I’ll be back.”]


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