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If you check it out online, there is much to find. #HOTPRESS #FYAHNEWS brings you this special report on Ascension Mechanics and DNA. Earth is now moving up from basic 3D reality to 4th dimensional and even pushing 5th quicker than expected. This means that there are different levels of consciousness that the collective mind will have the ability to access. That means that all the other levels of existence that we have not so easily been aware of start to become more easily accessible and familiar. If you take for example the way that you see yourself when you are in a dream and how it is for you there, that’s an easy way of explaining how there is another simultaneous you in another dimension. You actually exist in quite a few different levels at the same time.

THE EARTH GRID. The original timeline of Mother Earth exists as an energy field around the Earth that is like the subconscious dream. It’s the dream and the unseen. The planetary Earth Grid, which is really the collective subconscious, has been worked on by the N.A.A. in such a way that most of the humans have been limited to certain frequencies or even alternative realities that don’t allow access to all the dimensions that were originally intended in the original design for all sentient life forms in the Universe. This limitation was put on the Earth Grid by various techniques. Ultra Low-frequency pulsing, also known as ‘phantom pulsing’ has been going on for a very long time so it’s not something to panic about. As we move into higher frequencies then this will be no longer possible, and this is happening already.

TERRA NOVA. This is when the 4D and 5D frequencies running through the Earth Grid make it impossible for any lower frequencies to be present. At this time we are in now there are many kinds of Angelic beings on the Earth Plane, here to assist in the Great Ascension by holding these frequencies. There are Pleiadians, Arcturians and beings from Sirius incarnate on the Earth plane in this present time. The Guardian Alliance is here in great numbers from the Stars and some of these Angelic beings are not so much from a place, but they are from thousands of years in the future. There are even some Angels here from before the beginning of time.

ANOTHER LEVEL. The original design for DNA is the 12-Strand Angelic Human Template, and the design has been lying dormant within all human DNA. The Double Helix that is seen in the modern day DNA model is only the surface of a design so intricate and inter-dimensional, DNA is just the tip of the iceberg. On the surface, we see the chemical combinations of the Elements that are connected to and present on what is known as the Double Helix. The chemical combinations of DNA are actually the translation of another wave-form behind the scenes in what is known as the Morphogenetic Field. In the Morphogenetic Field, the energy wave-form is called a ‘Scalar Wave’. It is the particle construct and its complimentary anti-particle in energy wave-form.

FIRE LETTERS. The particle construct and its complimentary anti-particle in energy wave-form are what the Book Of Enoch refers to as ‘Fire Letters’. Behind the DNA, these ‘Fire Letters’ have the ability to make the matter and its anti-matter fuse and turn into fire, pushing itself up into the next Octave. Like, 12 semi-tones in an Octave and then up to the next. Each strand of DNA is a single dimension, present with it complementary strand, or dimension. The Double Helix is then simultaneously present at each point of a Star. The DNA molecule of a fully conscious life form is shaped like a Tetrahedron. This is the original inter-dimensional design of DNA, a fully functional Double Helix on each level would then be 12 activated strands, this is the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA. The 12 strands in the silicate matrix of the DNA correspond to the 12 dimensions of consciousness. The points on the Tetrahedron, or the Star of David, are like portals between the dimensions these points are where the DNA exists in different dimensions simultaneously, passing information between the different levels.

INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTALS. The Morphogenetic Field is like a geometrical crystal cluster formation behind the DNA, the formation that allows the DNA to pick up higher frequencies. This is multi-vector consciousness existing is all sentient beings. Multi-vector consciousness will take us into higher dimensional fields of perception. It will open up the simultaneous perception of various time-space locations.

The points on the Tetrahedron or the Star of David, are like portals between the dimensions, and this is where the DNA exists in different dimensions simultaneously, passing information between the different levels. The Morphogenetic Field is like a geometrical crystal cluster formation behind the DNA, the formation that allows the DNA to pick up higher frequencies. The ‘Fire Letters’ referred to in The Book Of Enoch push the Scalar Waves up to the next Octave, and the DNA at each inter-dimensional intersection keeps the channel open in the structure for the higher frequencies. When the original blueprint in the Morphogenetic Field within the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA is activated, it automatically overrides the Ultra Low frequencies that the N.A.A. have been using to control frequencies on the Earth plane.

ANGELS & AVATARS. Mahavatar Babaji and his posse of immortal disciples have been seen in the Himalayan Mountains for several thousand years. They move through the mountain range with the Master, who has always been seen to have the appearance of a twenty-year-old. Elijah in the Bible apparently went up to heaven in a whirlwind [DNA]. They searched for him but could not find him. The Book Of Enoch is full of references to Eternal Life and many say it is symbolic of the DNA and the different dimensional levels. Enoch too was supposedly taken up and didn’t die. “By faith Enoch was taken from his life, so that he did not experience death: “He could not be found, because God had taken him away.” For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God”. Maybe it was the full activation of the DNA by the ‘Fire Letters’ that Enoch experienced.

ANCIENT TEXTS. Modern-day philosopher and scientist Greg Braden claims to have found a message written in our DNA, from studying a Hebrew text called the SAFER YITSERA that was apparently one of the original books intended for the New Testament in the Bible, before the 42 or 43 books were either removed or condensed into what we know today. It’s only been translated once into English, and the 3000-year-old text seems to be a step-by-step description of sentient beings in Creation as described from a witness perspective.

HIDDEN CODES. In the SAFER YITSERA, the Elements are represented by easily recognizable symbols, it’s not too difficult to see what they mean. Take where it says ‘Sun’, and by referring to the predominant element in the modern periodic table we would translate that to ‘Hydrogen’. It’s not entirely clear how he jumps to his final conclusion, but it’s something like this: The text depicts the Elements that we are built of, and the modern day translation of the Elements on the periodic table we know today, all have numbers associated with them. Every language and alphabet that has ever been created has a number linked to each letter. So, by replacing the letters in the Ancient Text with the numbers associated with the Elements of the modern day periodic table he somehow thinks he found a code. Then by applying this formula to human DNA, he reckons the first sentence in our DNA says these words: GOD ETERNAL WITHIN THE BODY. Like I said, it’s unclear as to how he got this awesome conclusion. This is Z3K News aiming to bring you a higher perspective, and Greg’s is way up there.

STELLAR ACTIVATION. The energies that the Sun is emitting through Solar Flares and other Solar Activity during this transition is activating the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA. It’s within everyone. There is no-one around who doesn’t have this original blueprint in their DNA. Through the original Angelic Human 12 Strand DNA Template, the physical body biologically interfaces with the electromagnetic Star Gate system in the original planetary Earth Grid. As the Sun completes this cycle and we move into a new space in the Galaxy, the higher frequencies are activating the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA. With so many Angelics on the Earth plane, it sets a new tone that cannot be interfered with. Some call it Christ Consciousness, Tri-River KRYSTAL Matrix, or KRYST.

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