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THE WHITE FEATHER. This one shows up every so often at very auspicious moments, sometimes with unbelievable precision. The kind of precision that cannot possibly be a coincidence or a freak occurrence; rather, it is a message from Spirit. I’ve heard some people say that when the white feather shows up it is someone from the other side trying to make contact, like a relative who has passed sending a signal. I wouldn’t dispute that at all, having seen the way that it can be used to interact between consciousness and the more etheric presences. I would say it goes a step further, that the moment the white feather appears is directly associated with thought. I have seen the white feather appear at such moments, so many times that I feel it is worth mentioning and tagging as a sign-post on the way. In truth, life is seething with these signs, as the picture is painted of the essence. It’s all about the moment of arrival. Providing a conformation of connection and a reassurance of existence, the appearance of the white feather is a clear example of the correlation between thought-form and manifest reality.

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