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Welcome to #HotPress #FyahNews for this special report prompted by Spirit. The shadows have forced the hand of GOD. As I write this there are towers going up outside peoples houses that emit radiation harmful to biological life without passing the legal safety requirements. At the same time we have a pandemic; and all the truth seekers and conscious community calling it out as being a cover up for the radiation sickness caused by 5G technology. Nobody seems to know exactly what is happening. It’s a serious situation but I endeavour as always to make this as entertaining and fun to read as possible so I hope you will hear me out as I give you a brief explanation and theory as to how and why this situation came about so abruptly based on the journey in research I have been guided along for three or four years up to 2020. Without having followed a certain thread of information along these lines, I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that I have done to such a degree.




Really the best way to show you the view that I have been given by thoroughly researching and then by guidance and faith discerning what is truly taking place here is by showing you the timeline along which I discovered certain things. I had just started at University studying Creative Music Technology, and I was intending on pushing my music production to the next level by becoming familiar with the tech world. Then out of nowhere I published I AM ZED3000™. It all started with an old friend who kept mentioning to me something about some changes that had happened in the world, but only some people had noticed.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to what people were saying but then around the end of 2017 I noticed The Mandala Effect. It’s just too much of an extraordinary thing to overlook. I have always paid attention to logos because I design them. I also pretty much grew up in a VW van. They are called Volkswagon in the original timeline, but they tried to change it to Volkswagen to see who notices, and put a little dash between the V and the W on the logo like it’s a new logo, but they say it’s always been that way. Personally, in my reality I noticed many changes and I also noticed that some people didn’t notice anything at all. That seemed really odd to me; and so my research began there with CERN and Quantum Computers.

 It was not long before I was tuned in to the Anthony Patch Show and hearing about the incredible development of the technology going on with CERN and D-Wave. Every time there was a new advancement in the hardware and the peer review papers were published all the listeners were given a break down of what was really happening there with technical specifications. It wasn’t a new design, as such. It was based on…us; only it’s with a silicon chip encased in precious metals in the exact shape arrangement and numbers as the tubulin dimers in the brain. The chip itself had been built to the exact measurements of Solomon’s Temple. Strangely enough, in the Bible it has the measurements written in a unit called ‘cubits’. And they called them ‘qubits’




That was probably the first thing that struck me to be odd about the research I was doing because I intended to be very grounded and level headed, think critically from all angles etc but somehow my journey had already led me back to the Bible. And I started to notice more serendipity. In fact every time I was searching and I found credible information, the speaker ‘just so happened’ to always bring GOD into it. I tried to ignore it, but eventually it sunk in and I realised I wasn’t just looking into anything or whatever, but into the hot topic of the century. It was a covert operation to build a replica of Creation itself.

This concept seemed flawed and I couldn’t help but notice some things that didn’t quite add up because it seemed that the ones in the drivers seat of the technocracy hadn’t completely ‘joined the dots’ to realise how what they were attempting to do with technology, ‘technically speaking’ can’t possibly be possible. If understand how the DNA itself is already mechanical by nature, you would see that it can’t be improved on. Maybe you could just make endless simulations within simulations but you’d never improve the code, it’s the ultimate technology of GOD. KRIYA yoga is a study of an organic route to immortality that already exists and has been here for anyone to see for thousands of years but it is not as interesting to the rich people, it is usually poor people who study it. Rich people want external things while the ultimate riches is within the DNA already.



Around January 2018 the work of Chuck Misler started coming to my attention. I would encourage you to have a look at his work. It’s extensive and unique. Also check out my report I AM ZED3000™ and follow the links. It is evidence to suggest that we are already living in a simulation. The measurement of ‘planck’ is more or less and indivisible unit with remarkable similarities to a pixel. There has been found in deep space, codes that are just like binary. ZED3000 works from the perspective that we are already living the ultimate dream of a life in a Universe simulated in an electric environment. So how could they make a copy as if they would make a new improved version of GOD’s own culmination of knowledge and power in a dimension beyond time itself? This is ZED3000™ #HotPress #FyahNews

There’s sometimes no other way to look at something that has been brought to ones awareness through what may seem like just chance or something you ‘stumbled across’. Maybe it doesn’t make any sense at the time. But somehow you went out looking and that’s what you found. This kind of research has such subject matter as any science fiction reader would be familiar with. It really sounds too sci fi though. Before looking in to technology, I was more interested in DNA and Ascension Mechanics from quite an early age you know what I’m saying, that’s even less believable.




The original design for DNA is the 12-Strand Angelic Human Template, and the design has been lying dormant within all human DNA. The Double Helix that is seen in the modern day DNA model is only the surface of a design so intricate and inter-dimensional, DNA is just the tip of the iceberg. On the surface, we see the chemical combinations of the Elements that are connected to and present on what is known as the Double Helix. The chemical combinations of DNA are actually the translation of another wave-form behind the scenes in what is known as the Morphogenetic Field. In the Morphogenetic Field, the energy wave-form is called a ‘Scalar Wave’. It is the particle construct and its complimentary anti-particle in energy wave-form.

The human brain is already an incredibly advanced Quantum Computer capable of making real quantum leaps through dimensions that can either heal or re-direct destiny. It’s like a code that spins in your DNA that then spins out into reality. When KRYST awakens in the body then GOD over-rides all the codes. You see that can happen to an individual, or it can happen to many people at once. One person might change things for them self. Two people might change a neighbourhood. A group of people on a metaphysical tip can do things long distance. A multitude awakening to this within can cause a QUANTUM LEAP that can literally change the Universe forever.



I would first like to thank GodSpeedNation™ for helping me to understand more about futurist technology. I highly recommend you have a look for yourself and gain some perspective. At first it’s hard to really comprehend Quantum Computing. By collecting all the data from every chip and nanoparticle in the entire world the computer builds a simulation of EVERYTHING that it can picture at the Sentient World Simulation. For a long time many of us have been familiar with the idea of mapping out a timeline and using it to make a forecast of the future because it had been talked about in conscious communities for a very long time. We call it Alien Tech because it is not of the Earth. The Earth has its own frequency that can never be fully measured or predicted. Just like the Spirit can’t be intellectually grasped. Even so, the plan is to have everything simulated and predicted. And to get it super accurate, they need more …data.

The whole world is simulated and modelled and our responses to situations are predicted. Then when things are in motion, we are bombarded with Bio-Digital Social Programming that hits our subconscious so we accept it. Most people can’t comprehend it because you can’t see it. The latest technology is a millimetre wave smart grid that’s simultaneously simulated in Quantum Computing. Every corporation wants in: because, check it out…they are mining for DATA…that’s the most valuable resource, and the business model for the technocrat. They want to know everything about you; even how you formulate thoughts, so it can be taught to synthetic machines they have created that they wish to share consciousness with. GOD already knows. It’s all a big attempt to be like GOD, to become immortal and to control everyone.



Whenever there is a new discovery then the first thing that the military do is see how it can be weapon-ized. I realised when I was writing my dissertation about how technology can help us just seemed crazy when at the same time we have evidence that suggests it is already being used in a way that would render all helpful aspects useless and irrelevant. I heard Elon Musk tell Joe Rogan that Ai will be used as a weapon; but at the time no-one knew what that meant. Artificial Intelligence has already been used as a weapon against humanity. How can you tell when something as subtle as a persuasive algorithm is altering your consciousness?

It is the power of the mind that brings about changes in reality. Everything happens in the Astral Plane before it happens on the Earth Plane. In the subconscious before it becomes conscious. So the idea of mind control is to feed you an idea that you will then bring to fruition by the creative power in you. Mainly fear based but sometimes very enticing. The advanced technological side of mind control is usually fobbed off as paranoia or madness, because it’s very similar to how a demon might bother someone. It was easy for me to see that the same demons I had overcome in my process of understanding this hidden knowledge that the elite use against the people was basically the same concept but in technological terms. They didn’t realise when they published Project Bizarre papers that we would actually read them.




From a long time enough of us have become aware of the technology that checks us and simulates us to predict what happens next. We call it ‘Alien Tech’ because it’s really not from here. Quantum Computing has been derived from information gained by communicating with Inter-dimensional entities. I AM ZED3000™ goes into more detail of how the practice of Geomancy eventually evolved into computer hardware. It’s the same thing, just futuristic. It’s all craftwork to make a forecast. BUT, it can only predict us and influence us in our ‘human’ state of being. What happens when…a whole generation ascend to GOD under the pressure, and make a quantum leap? Like we just did. Here we are, like we were supposedly never meant to be. It was bound to happen. We lit af. Fly it high. Jah Rastafari. Are you picking up now?

It was only when I listened in to the Anthony Patch Show around the end of 2017 and got the nuts and bolts of what is really being crafted that I had a breakthrough in understanding the degree to which science and technology was progressing. I started noticing smart stuff. Smart is like a burn. That’s always been the term. And that is where I started realising we had been infiltrated and burned by a scheme invisible to the naked eye. It goes way over the mark, and so far into trespass and judgement by every standard I can conceive of spiritually physically metaphysically in every way.

It’s a data mining business. The more data you have, the more accurate the simulation, therefore more accurate results when predicting outcomes. And so on into social influencing and monitoring outcomes. I just paid attention to the development of such incredible advancements and got on with the music and studies and social life at University with all it’s opportunities and struggles alike. My plan was to finish the course in 2020 with live music and my dissertation with a more positive outlook on the way that technology can help in the music industry.



I was mid way through writing the dissertation that I became aware of Elon Musk at SpaceX putting 5G satellites up the sky, and I became curious. I had heard Anthony Patch explaining that there had been satellites going up some time ago with the same kind of tech that is used by the military for crowd control. I supposed that the CIA and the FBI will probably want to use them somewhere. Only later did I realise that it is the sub GHz levels of 5G technology that travels long distance and can be used for surveillance reaching places even heat seeking camera wont see. The frequencies penetrate nearly anything and travel for miles. Then I noticed that Elon wants to put up 42,000 satellites. I knew something was up. Everyone did. Protests were organised, and there began to be an objection raised over the safety of 5G. Even though it is said to be safe by the tech companies, there actually hasn’t been any funding gone into health and safety. And more to the point…there is documented evidence on the harmful effects of just 4G radiation on biology. How could 5G suddenly be less harmful? As I was researching I found several experts, mainly Mark Steele describing what can actually be done with military weapons. So looking into it I discovered that there is several different uses for 5G and that the frequency ranges are actually not just high frequency ranges like 60 and 80GHz but all the way down into sub ranges of 700–900MGz. Every Smart device connects to the Smart Grid, and every device can be remote controlled, or hacked. Have you ever heard of Paradise Lost?


So anyway in my dissertation I started talking about how some producers still use analogue tape and now as we move into the digital platforms, always looking for shortcuts or quicker responses, some producers say they feel there is something missing; and so there are even digital techniques and ‘humanization’ tools available to make it sound more natural after it’s all been digitally created.

The subject matter was all fascinating from the perspective of the music industry, but at the same time there was a few things I couldn’t forget: The world of Quantum Computing and digital surveillance is at the forefront of a technocracy that wishes to upgrade themselves to what they call Human 2.0 – a synthetic model based on 1.0. In the broader world of technology, producer software being optimized by Ai is only the tip of the iceberg; much like fast data is only a tiny piece of the capacity and capabilities of 5G. However, so far Artificial Intelligence has made many things easier for the producer and there are many genius inventions that have popped up as Ai influences the music industry.

So to stay positive I made a huge list, and went into it. But I just couldn’t ignore the fact that the people behind the development of Quantum Computers had a plan to become immortal. So the initial search into how technology can help us slowly turned into the pending issue of “will Ai take our jobs” and that was the level at which I was at when what happened next happened next.




So listen up as I speak out. I am a third year student about to graduate (if they allow it) and so needless to say…I work many hours researching and I have done for years. I follow in particular…Artificial Intelligence. I heard Corey Goode saying a long time ago that it may potentially pose a threat to humanity. I had been previously researching into extra-terrestrial life and UFO phenomena because I seen some s**t. Check out my short stories in #StoryTime. It’s just hard to picture what that might look like, other than the movie Terminator. Have a look at this though: China is a communist regime that is using its technology to control society to the extreme. Donald Trump understands now…after he has put all his experts on it…that the technological advancement of the Chinese government could not only pose a threat to America…but to everyone on Earth. It’s such unbelievably sophisticated technology programmed to influence us in more subtle ways than you’d ever expect.

Bio-Digital Social Programming goes straight to the subconscious and bypasses your ‘normal’ coherent thinking patterns, until it becomes them. Like in the movie INCEPTION, the idea is given to you in such a way that you think it was always yours. Subtle hints push you believe certain things or to associate and categorise people and to totally ignore certain subject matter. It’s so clever that you think it’s YOU who thinks like that. Once you realise that our inner most thoughts effect the matrix we are in, you can see why the matrix would try and play you like that. In short, Bio-Digital Social Programming is a weapon.

Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning. It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general. It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life. Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for. The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon. The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence.



In December 2019, Cyrus A. Parsa and The Ai Organisation sued Google, Facebook, DeepMind, Alphabet, Tesla, Sundar Pitchai, Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Surgey Brin & PR NewsWire for MISUSE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE [that includes 5G]. Even though 26,000 scientists have said it should be put on hold, and it’s totally illegal, it’s still going up, and people are taking it down. When the protests got too out of hand in Wuhan, that was when this ‘virus’ appeared; that shut them up and got the protesters off the streets. Not only that, but it brought the world to a standstill. Right after Trump just put 15% tariff on all China goods coming in; then all of sudden: no more trading anywhere for anyone. The Chinese openly have a plan called 2025 that states they wish to be the leading economic empire. Go and have a look at the charts of the previous 10 years and you’ll see why Donald Trump wants to build a secure network for Americans. There is talk of Trump working on a safer way of deploying faster Internet. Meanwhile the Chinese just go ahead and roll out 5G anyway, in Wuhan, a city that has always been renown for having a rebellious culture.




It was only recently I had to finish up my dissertation with some real technical information about Artificial Intelligence so I read Cyrus A. Parsa’s book Dangers To Humanity. The implications are massive. The book explains how Trump has been very strategic in negotiations with China. Trump understands that when a communist country with an international court case for human organ trafficking, where it’s illegal to be a Christian, starts using Artificial Intelligence in such a way, it is a threat to the whole world. Donald Trump knows more about this than we think he does, and if you have a read of Cyrus A Parsa’s work then it is evident that just when this was coming to light…much of the media was socially engineered out of nowhere to say fuck him. There are trace codes in all the media that was persuasive in that line. It is Bio-Digital Social Programming. The codes behind the influencing media has been traced back through the tubes to China, a communist regime that has been making aggressive and illegal trade moves and wants to be the most powerful economic empire in the world.

In February 2020 Boris Johnson made a deal with China’s mobile phone company obviously having no clue at all about any of this. It’s obvious he was just in on the money. Had Boris understood the implications of letting China own 5G networks in UK then he wouldn’t have made the deal. Immediately Trump responded and the reports said he was furious…but Boris just made the most amount of money he ever made…think about it. Boris doesn’t understand. The risk is a security breach that poses a risk bigger than the Prime Minister can conceive of, not just to the UK or the US but to the whole of Humanity. Boris took the money.


The real issue is, world politics. America is the leading economic power with the biggest most powerful Military force there is. Despite what you may think about them having their nose in everyone else’s business…that basically keeps the world safe from a totalitarian state that is in second place. It makes even more sense when you see that China is part of the UN, and that it is the UN who is pushing for the lockdown. Trump knows very well that this is a move against him, to try and disrupt the economy and get him out of power. If you think about it, it becomes quite obvious. The Chinese have been making forced trade agreement moves all over the world and even breaking rules in the deals they make. Their government actually encourages dishonesty if it advances the economy. They would like to own all the networks everywhere and thus control the world by 2025. Through trading with America, and being part of the UN, China has increased its wealth massively by making aggressive moves for decades. This has had a negative impact on the economy in America, while China benefits. Clearly that is why Trump made a fixed tariff deal in January that restricted China’s economic advance on the US.




On the 14th of January the Earth was hit by gravitational waves that astronomers cannot explain. The implications of trying to change the electromagnetic currents of the entire planet while we are here and fully connected to it are almost unthinkable. That would mean changing us and our natural state as biological organisms into something that can withstand such high degrees of radiation [1000+ times more toxic than 4G] or, not have us here for much longer. The affects of harmful radiation are known by the military. The USSR experimented on humans and animals with 5G in 1977, 1972 and 1997. In a proper military experiment, the humans suffered metabolic problems, ie everything started to fall apart, blood problems, immune system dysfunction, severe medical and neurological problems. With animals, since they were able to dissect them, they found the bone marrow was suffering (which produces the immune system), respiration damaged, enzyme activity damaged, nuclear DNA damaged, and the total exposure time was only 15 hours over 60 days. Roughly 15 minutes a day and the levels were not high. Not as high as you are going to get in a classroom.


The disinformation over the safety of 5G comes because Microwave Radiation energy is classified in the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum as a Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) and by definition the energy of this radiation is not strong enough to ionise a molecule by breaking a covalent chemical bond. The typical energy of a covalent bond is in the order of 1 electron–Volt (1 eV = 1.6 .10-19 Joules). The force required to break a covalent bond is in the order of 1 eV/0.1 nm ~ 1600 pN. (pico Newtons) The energy in the microwave radiation is well below this level. At 3 GHz it is 1.8*10⁻²⁴Joules. So, this is the science that lays out the impossibility of Microwave radiation being able to damage DNA because it is too weak in energy terms to rip the electrons off and break any of the bonds present in DNA. And this is the “rock-solid classical physics” that the whole disinformation story rests on. Check out Zed-Tech in association with The OrgoKnights Guild™ for more information on how to increase your personal voltage and keep your covalent bond in tact.

One thing that can’t be denied is the amazing correlation between new radio frequencies being introduced and what they call flu pandemics throughout the last century. The Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, which actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed. What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from them. It can be seen that each new influenza pandemic corresponds to a new advance in electrical technology, such as the Asian flu of 1957-58, following the installation of a powerful radar surveillance system, and the outbreak of Hong Kong flu from July 1968 onwards, following the commissioning of 28 military satellites for space surveillance at the altitude of the Van Allen belts, which protect us from cosmic radiation.



Is it not incredible that this term is so similar to the name of what we are being told is a virus, AND it also refers to the exact issue that is a grey area in the legality of the technology? It’s just too uncanny: ‘corona discharge’ is a term for an electrical discharge brought on by the IONIZATION of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor that is electrically charged. Spontaneous corona discharges occur naturally in high-voltage systems unless care is taken to limit the electric field strength. A corona will occur when the strength of the electric field (potential gradient) around a conductor is high enough to form a conductive region, but not high enough to cause electrical breakdown or arcing to nearby objects. It is often seen as a bluish glow in the air adjacent to pointed metal conductors carrying high voltages, and emits light by the same property as a gas discharge lamp. In the air, coronas generate gases such as ozone (O3) and nitric oxide (NO), and in turn, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and thus nitric acid (HNO3) if water vapor is present. These gases are corrosive and can degrade and embrittle nearby materials, and are also toxic to humans and the environment.



It’s not just the fact that 60GHZ+ can make the electrons on the oxygen molecule spin so fast that cannot bind to haemoglobin in the blood to bring it to the brain, slowly while you use your phone. While the world is on lockdown for whatever reason…all appliances and devices will be updated to sub GHZ [look up 700MegaHertz clearance for television] This is the exact same technology you can use to map out terrain where even heat seeking cameras won’t see. That’s the SUB levels of what’s being called 5G. Some Wifi already has it ready. The stuff that will have appeared in schools and at my University when the lockdown is over will be SUB-GHZ [700Mhz-900Mhz] ready. The components of that kind of equipment have the capacity to emit a SUB frequency EMP [Electro Magnetic Pulse]. If you just hold that thought; now picture all the SMART equipment and devices in your home…all of which can be remote controlled easily through the 5G network, all your devices could be turned up without you even knowing, into 800MHZ range or up to way above 80Ghz..then all the pulse modulation can also be remotely controlled and turned up top levels that DISASSOCIATE THE MOLECULAR BONDS. Now send an EMP through that by penetrating everything using the SUB GHZ levels and …that would ignite and fry everything in the range of the tech. And even the manufacturers of all the different devices wouldn’t have realised it was planned. Get clued up quick. Or…Everything. Literally. GONE…Ashes. Check out Paradise Lost. They vaporised an entire town and left the trees in between the houses still in tact. It was an organised operation.




When you join the dots then it makes sense. There was pandemic exercise called Event201 planned by Bill Gates that happened just last year. Event201 was modelled in a Quantum Computer that showed the likely impact of an epidemic on the global economy. Then all the CEO’s of major companies left their positions just before the lockdown And now you see China thanking Bill for his generous support and saying that unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon. The whole scenario we are seeing unfold now could be an attempt to disrupt economics worldwide and over-throw Trump, because he is the only power that stands in the way of their plan. The Chinese will use Bio-Digital Social Programming wherever they can to advance their empire. The UN is unaware of the extent of the mind control techniques they are using. Anyone they work with will be unaware of it, because it is a new phenomenon that people don’t yet understand. You can imagine the extent to which they have gone to advance their technology, with all the Christians and prisoners to experiment with at their disposal. How do we know they aren’t already fully merged with Ai? And where did those 20 million mobile phone users go? The Chinese don’t care as long as it advances their empire and pushes towards their goal of 2025.

I was just as surprised as you probably are now, when my intuitive conclusion at this point in time before any further research was the very same conclusion that Cyrus A Parsa had come to after researching tens of thousands of hours. Elon Musk needs to keep his 5G satellite network secure away from the Chinese and work closely with the Trump Administration. Musk really needs to realize the extent to which they have gone to advance their technology; what would happen if he lost control of his toys, and pull out entirely from any kind of engagement with China. Then Donald Trump and Elon Musk together need to pause all use of 5G in America and encourage the same globally as much as possible [except for actual military use]; and to announce publicly the dangers of 5G technology and the impact on human health as we now know it leaves the body so susceptible to any kind of diseases especially respiratory conditions. Everybody would love to go back to work in a world without the threat of being vaporized or controlled by a Artificial General Super Intelligence. It is really up to Elon Musk and Donald Trump to be working together on this. I think our prayers and support should be with both of them because together they have the power to really turn this situation around without having to use nuclear weapons.


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