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ZED3000™ `{` H A V E - W I N G S `}` #Tzedeq #HaveWings ZED3000™ `{` H A V E - W I N G S `}` #Tzedeq #HaveWings

Rainy day? Check out my videos. #Tzedeq #HaveWings

Welcome to TZEDEQ [Extreme Sports Film & Photography, Freestyle Illustration.] I’m probably gonna skip the drinks, and go to bed straight after I check the charts. Priority is, keeping in optimum shape and staying tuned into Nature. I have to keep a cash-flow though, so if it’s work then it’s work, I might be filming the show and then catching the sunrise too, it’s all part of the journey. TZEDEQ is ready at the lens and documentary is the game. I’m up and on it. Early is best. Should I take the camera? Hmmm, let me think…

All the best moves are made when no-one is looking, and some of the most amazing scenes just didn’t come out on film. There’s no telling what would happen if there had been a camera there, or if what happened would have happened if there hadn’t been.

Switching the camera on definitely changes something in the environment around it. The act of looking and being entangled through the lens is what TZEDEQ is all about. This my extreme sports label where I share these inspired projects and freestyle artwork with the world in these forms and shapes I bring from the places and people around me onto film and paper. Even grab a poster…or buy a skateboard. I might not be open at any kinda regular hours though, just saying. Come in and have a browse or hire me as your photographer and video editor.