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VISION OF CHRIST. In a wide-open space, I found myself with a few others. Each of us had brought with us some luggage as if we had arrived from a long journey, although the things that we had brought with us were not needed at the destination. It was the baggage from our past experiences. We had put all of the things we had brought with us in a heap on the ground, and we were attempting to set it all on fire, but it just wouldn’t go up. Only a spark appeared and the fire wouldn’t catch no matter how hard we tried. Then suddenly as if out of nowhere, appeared a brilliant light, and a figure of Christ could be seen standing there beside us. His face was too bright to see, though it was clear that he was holding in his hands an industrial size water hose. We all felt slightly embarrassed because there we were trying to light this fire, and here this heavenly figure appears with us looking ready to extinguish one! Somehow then the heap of things became a mountain of burdens, things were added from many more people. The bright figure then signalled for us to all stand back and as we did, to our amazement out of the water hose came a blazing stream of fire! The whole mountain of things went up in flames. I looked around and there was quite a gathering of all kinds of people around the fire, watching the flames going up to the sky. The Christ then became easier to see, then approaching us with a smile, he gave us an embrace that somehow reached around the whole crowd at once.

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