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WELCOME TO OUR CIVILISATION. I woke up early one cold spring morning and lit the fire. After putting my house in order, it was around midday that I went into town to gather a few essential items. I returned home around 2pm and it was quiet, the neighbors were out and there was no-one around. I naturally arranged things and went into a meditation. I felt the urge to stand up, so there I stood in the middle of the room, and a vision did appear before me there in the darkness. I was taken up into a wonderful place, where there was much joy and happiness. There was rolling hills and mountains, and lush rivers. The sky was open and it was very bright. There was a multitude of Angelic beings gathered there, some with wings who balanced in the air, some standing, and some forms I could not fully comprehend. They were gathered around, all focused on one being at the front, who’s appearance was that of a slightly chubby twenty year old choir boy. It became apparent that as I had just arrived on the scene, he had a message and was about to speak. The crowd fell silent, and all looked towards the boy. He then aimed a few words directly at me, being the new arrival. He uttered only a few words, and the crowd was gripped with anticipation. I realized that they were awaiting my reply, so I said the first thing that came to mind. The whole crowd went up in a roaring cheer, as I had intuitively given the correct reply. It is all about manners and respect. There was then a huge celebration, not to welcome me, but to celebrate for the boy who gave the message. It is the one of the highest honors in heaven to welcome someone into the realm, and have them return the welcome greeting with the correct reply. I watched as more Angels flew in from afar, and congratulated the boy on his success. A huge celebration had begun, and I saw it from a further distance still, as I moved slowly back onto the Earth plane. I found myself there standing back in the room, in total darkness. Then as I took a breath, the fire miraculously relit itself and filled the room with a warm glowing light.

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