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`{`Personal Training, Nutrition, Common Sense.`}` `{`Personal Training, Nutrition, Common Sense.`}`


Check out what ZED3000 has to say about drinking water and keeping fit. I’m not gonna tell you about what I read in a magazine, or what I saw on TV, or what I heard sometime from a conversation I overheard in the gym. ZEAL HEALTH & LIFESTYLE is tried and tested, this is what I do to stay lean and healthy supreme and get that edge so I can perform to the highest standard. Less is more, and what ever the question is, the answer begins with a glass water.


Many issues are still a matter of opinion, when it comes to health and fitness. Where is the best place to get Vitamin B12 from? Is bottled water alright to drink? Why do plants not grow next to WiFi? Is there any real benefits from fasting? Is it healthy to work out on an empty stomach? Did you know that animals don’t actually produce protein? It’s in the plants, so why not just eat the plants? Fish eat seaweed, so why not just eat the seaweed? Plants come from seeds, so why not just eat the seeds? ZEAL is about getting knowledge and getting refined. These are all my best tips to naturally enhance your performance.