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Zed-Tech Natural Crystal Copper High Frequency Jewellery & Accessories Zed-Tech Natural Crystal Copper High Frequency Jewellery & Accessories

It sounds deadly, and well, it kinda is, but I’m just wrapping some copper wire around a crystal you know. Haha it’s Orgon-what? It’s for shielding the electromagnetic radiation from phones, wi-fi, smart meters etc, by boosting the natural currents and frequencies of the human body. Get a whole load of hippie videos about it and don’t have any idea what it is. The trick is, just try something, yeah, and, it works…right? So, some of the those videos are probably for real.

Etheric weapons development!? I’m sorry, what? Yeah that’s right, I’m developing this stuff in my front-room, and using it in the Dreamtime.

I once found a whole manuscript where this kid had somehow got hold of instructions on how to build a device that then emitted a frequency that allowed him to see the unseen around him in the room. There were some E.T’s from another dimension trying to prevent him from completing it,  then bam! …he switched it on and could see them right there in the room. Actually, it wasn’t recommended that anyone actually try to construct it, but he was just letting us know that it works. I haven’t made anything that crazy, but one time I made an Orgonite Rod with a Copper Coil and a Quartz Crystal and as soon as I started dreaming that night I walked across the room, grabbed the rod, and it gave off a charge. So, I’d say this stuff works in more dimensions than we are normally aware of. I also make nice ear-rings, and some quite badass necklaces that look like there are from outer space, but I assure you I only use recourses from this planet. Ok maybe occasionally from somewhere…