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What's Happening In The Galaxy. #Zed3000 #HotPress #FyahNews What's Happening In The Galaxy. #Zed3000 #HotPress #FyahNews

Welcome to ZED3000 #HOTPRESS. [What’s Happening In The Galaxy.] This is ZED3000’s take on the situation. Listen to the latest research and information coming out of the top Universities and Scientific Peer Review Papers. Get up to date on what Ancient Civilisations have foretold about the modern day times we are living in, and discover how Quantum Computing has been developed by copying the design of Tubulin Dimers in the human brain.

Have you ever heard of The Electric Universe? Maybe we are living in a simulation. How did the practice of Geomancy progress into Binary Computer Code and Technology? What is the correlation between the lines in the sand and your finger on a screen? What are Grey Aliens? Is there any evidence of black holes or is it just a theory? How did the Statue Of Liberty end up on the other side of the water? What the fuck happened to the statue called ‘The Thinker’? Why do VW deny that their logo was how it was? What’s going on underneath the surface of the Earth? What is the significance of a 26,000 year cycle?

How did the Bible get written in such a way that it can all be converted into mathematics and then every event in history deciphered from calculations? Is there a limit to largeness? Is there a limit to smallness? Where is the Ark Of The Covenant these days? How come there is more burgers being eaten than there is cows to make them? What is going on behind the seen? Is the dream really reality and reality really a dream? What do the Ancients say about this time we are in? What does the Book Of Daniel have to say about Tranhumanism? What is Nanotechnology? What is a Sentient World Simulation? Is Babylon a city from back then, or is it being built now? What does the Book Of Enoch have to do with CERN? What is the significance of the Flower Of Life, and why do some people call it the Bloom Of Doom? How did Noah make the wood on his Ark bulletproof? ZED3000 #HOTPRESS Aka #FyahNews brings you the most recent news in the tech world and relates it to what it says in the Holy Bible. #Hotpress #FyahNews connects the dots and reports on issues most people don’t see. With one foot on the Land, and one foot on the Sea…ZED3000 #HOTPRESS is your researcher and reporter from now into when.